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Day 211 - Across Open Borders: A Hectic 9-Hour Journey From Milan, Italy to Nice, France

Day 211 (31 July 2023) - Milan, Italy to Nice, France


DAY 211 (31 JULY 2023) – After spending 5 days in Italy, in the morning, I left Milan for a 9 hour journey (370 km) to Nice, France. This journey was longer than expected as the roads were busy, there was a traffic jam due to an accident and there were road constructions at several places.

I think I crossed about 120 tunnels riding from Milan to Nice! The longest tunnel was 1.8 kilometres long. Vehicles were not allowed to stop at the side of the road, except for designated parking spaces. At one point, I stopped to take photos and I was immediately asked to move by a traffic authority!

At Milan, I sent my motorbike for servicing at the BMW service centre and got my rear brake pads changed at a cost of 53 euros (RM 263).

I met 2 fellow bikers from Oman who were on a trip to several countries in Europe. They invited me to visit Oman, particularly after October since it gets really hot between February and August at a temperature of 50 C.

I paid a toll charge of 29.80 euros (RM 148), and another 2 tolls at France, at a price of 1.80 euros (RM 9.00) and 0.90 euros (RM 4.50) each. Since I couldn’t get a place at a hostel, I stayed at an apartment hotel at a price of 54 euros (RM266) per night!



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