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Day 326 - Nurturing Nature, A Very Special Thanksgiving: We Planted Another Pine Tree & Handed Over 10 Other Trees to Community Members in Kingman, Arizona, USA

Day 326 (23 Nov 2023) - Kingman, Arizona, USA


DAY 326 (23 NOV 2023) – Day 326 (23 NOV 2023) – Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday that has traditionally been a celebration of the blessings of the year, including the harvest. In the US, it is observed annually on the 4th Thursday of November.

It is a heartfelt celebration of gratitude and togetherness that transcends time and tradition, serving as a reminder to pause, appreciate the present, and extend a hand of kindness to those around us.

As it is common for Americans to share a family meal on this special day, I had the opportunity to attend a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Pine Lake Fire Department. It was a potluck dinner with a friendly community of about 30 people in attendance.

The function began at 4 pm where I had a chance to give a speech about my motorbike world tour.  I spoke about my mission to plant trees in different countries in an effort to create awareness about global warming and the importance of saving nature.

Later, I planted my 10th tree on US soil, and handed over another 10 trees sponsored by Mr Bud to the community members present at the event. They will be planting the tree at their own homes at a later date.

I am very thankful to Mr Bud, Madam Eva and everyone who organized and participated in this event, and for graciously hosting this amazing dinner on this special day.

It was my first time celebrating Thanksgiving in America. I had a good time meeting many wonderful people and am thankful for their support.

Note : Many cultures around the world celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving. Similarly, as a Tamilian, the Tamil community celebrate “Pongal”, a harvest and thanksgiving festival. It is celebrated every year in mid-January, mostly in South India, especially Tamil Nadu.

Also called the “Farmer’s Festival”, it is a celebration of gratitude to the Sun, the Earth (Mother Nature) and the various farm animals, particularly the cattle, that help to contribute to a bountiful harvest.



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