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Day 350 - Crossing Borders: Hola, Mexico, Embarking on the Central & South American Leg of My World Motorbike Tour

Updated: Feb 14

Day 350 (17 Dec 2023) - San Diego, USA to Baja California Sur, Mexico. Mexico is my thirtieth destination on this solo bike world tour.


DAY 350 (17 DEC 2023) – In the morning, while I was at a motorbike shop, I met a fellow biker, Mr Jerry Lopez. We got to talking about my world tour and he invited me for lunch. I will be meeting him again in Baja California, Mexico in a few days.

I then left San Diego, California for an hour (26 miles or 41 km) ride to Tijuana, the border city in the Mexican state of Baja California.

The immigration checking was only at the Mexican side, while there was no immigration checking on the USA side of the border. The process was over in just 30 minutes since it was not too busy. The total cost for border checking and immigration processing came to $ 687 (RM 187).

I then headed to my hotel, about 15 kilometres from the border. My friend, Dr Urista from Mexico had advised me to get my compulsory permit before I can begin riding my motorbike in the country. So tomorrow, I will head to the office of the “Importation and Temporary Interment of Vehicles” to get my “Temporary Import Permit” (TIP) Certificate for my motorbike.

I am so happy to meet and receive guidance of fellow Mexican bikers who are very friendly and helpful.



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