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Day 419 - Discovering the Charms of León, the City of Churches: A Journey Through History, Culture, and Cuisine

Updated: Mar 6

Day 419 (24 Feb 2024) - Somoto, Nicaragua to Leon, Nicaragua


DAY 419 (24 FEB 2024) – After a successful tree-planting activity in Somoto Canyon, I left Somoto for a 4 hour (200 km) ride to Leon, Nicaragua.

Leon, which means "Lion" in Spanish, is the 2nd largest city in Nicaragua and is awash in revolutionary history, art and colonial beauty. This colonial city was originally founded in 1524 but was moved to its present site in the 17th century after an earthquake destroyed the old city.

Known as the “city of churches”, I came across many historical churches that were mostly built in the neoclassical style. The Church of Recollection or “La Recoleccion”, is an 18th century Church that is most famous for its façade carved from quarry stone in the Mexican Baroque style.

The 18th century Leon Cathedral is Nicaragua’s most famous historical landmark. It is the largest cathedral in Central America, taking up an entire block and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another famous colonial church is the “Iglesia de El Calvario”, which has a magnificent architecture. The ornate altar and the intricate murals on the walls make its interior look stunning, while the multi-coloured façade and panels painted with Biblical scenes makes the exterior uniquely striking from a distance.

In the evening, I took a stroll around the city and got to see some amazing dance performances, showcasing many of Nicaragua’s dance styles.

Later, I had some delicious local food for dinner.



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