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Day 421 - Soothing Seascapes: Relaxing by the Beach at Las Peñitas, Leon's Famous Beach Getaway

Updated: Mar 6

Day 421 (26 Feb 2024) - Leon City, Nicaragua to Las Penitas, Leon, Nicaragua


DAY 421 (26 FEB 2024) – After spending 2 nights in the city of Leon, it was time for me to head to my next destination. In the morning,

I left the city for a ½ an hour ride to Las Penitas, Leon’s famous beach getaway. Being less than an hour away from the city, Las Penitas makes a good day trip, especially to escape the heat of the city.

For me, It was a day of relaxation, just chilling at a restaurant by the beach while enjoying the ambience and having delicious food!

I met many other tourists and enjoyed having conversations with them.

While strolling along the beach shoreline, I came across both, a neem tree and a moringa tree! It was not surprising since both trees grow well in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Both trees are widely cultivated in the Indian subcontinent.

Known for its medicinal values, both trees have been used for over 4000 years in India and Asia to protect, preserve and restore bodily health.

While the neem tree is mostly used for its curative properties, the moringa leaf and its fruit, commonly known as "drumsticks", are often prepared as a culinary vegetable in South Asia.

Later, in the evening, I didn’t miss watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Las Penitas is a fishing village with a long stretch of beach on the North Western coast of Nicaragua. It has a good tourist and beach community with many hotels, hostels, beach bars and restaurants along the shoreline – all catering to backpackers, surfers, and foreign expats. Known to be a quiet beach, it is less crowded on most days and affordable.

Many tourists enjoy surfing and swimming at the beach. Among other attractions are volcano boarding at the nearby Cerro Negro volcano, and boat trips into the “Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve”.

A natural reserve with more than 100 square kilometers of mangrove forest and tidal estuary, the island reserve is a place where visitors can enjoy kayaking, observing wildlife and visiting the turtle hatchery. On certain times of the year, visitors can witness live sea turtle hatching and observe turtle migration.

I stayed the night at hostel “Mano A Mano”, at a price of USD 13 (RM 62) per night.



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