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Day 135 - Navigational Crisis: When GPS and Other Navigation Systems Fail

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 135 (16 May 2023) - Fukuoka, Japan to Busan, South Korea


DAY 135 (16 MAY 2023) – After a smooth customs and immigration clearance, trouble began! My GPS could not support and display Korean Maps! Even Google Maps and other navigation systems failed! I panicked a little but I was not surprised - my Korean friends and facebook groups had given me a heads up!

I also needed to buy a local SIM Card for my 2nd phone but couldn’t since most phone shops closed at 8.30 pm! This 2nd phone has a mounting bracket on my motorbike and serves as my secondary navigation system whenever I need to use a phone-based mapping app. At this point, it was cold and I was feeling helpless and angry!

Luckily, there was a customs officer who was patiently helping me throughout this ordeal. He set my iPhone to share my Maxis hotspot wi-fi with the 2nd phone. I had earlier downloaded the Korean ‘Naver Map’ and ‘KakaoMap’ on my phone - however even these maps did not working! After trying different apps – finally…guess what worked? Malaysia’s favourite navigation buddy – Waze!

I was ecstatic! I hugged the officer, thanked him and thanked every Lord in the universe! I safely arrived at my hotel known as ‘No25 Hotel Yeonson’, about 12 km away from the customs office. I had to ride very carefully as in South Korea, they drive on the right-hand side. The first thing I did was have my dinner, and luckily there was one restaurant still open in front of the hotel! Phew, what a day and what an experience!



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