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Day 155 - Lake Baikal: The Largest, Deepest, Clearest & Oldest Freshwater Lake In The World

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 155 (o5 June 2023) - Lake Baikal, Listvyanka, Russia!


DAY 155 (05 JUNE 2023) – Today I visited the famous Lake Baikal in Listvyanka, about an hour away from Irkutsk.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the world’s largest freshwater lake. It is also the deepest, oldest and among the world’s clearest lakes in the world!

It is also home to thousands of flora and fauna that are endemic to the region. In winter the lake gets frozen and is covered by incredibly clear and smooth ice!

From where I was standing, the lake looked as massive as an ocean and you can’t see the land on the other side. At a certain section of the lake, I got a chance to put my hands in the water – it was icy cold and my hands instantly felt numb!

I also visited the fish market at Listvyanka Village where there were many vendors selling a variety of dried, smoked and salted fish – a favourite delicacy here. There were also souvenir and sundry stalls in the vicinity.

I was also fascinated with the colourful architectural buildings in this village, particularly the log houses. The wood basically acts as a heat insulator during winter season. Many of the houses also have an inverted-v style roofing to prevent snow build-up during winter.



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