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Day 266 - Nurturing Nature: We Planted A "Scarlet Oak" Tree in Seattle, USA

Updated: Feb 14

Day 266 (24 Sept 2023) - Seattle, Washington, USA


DAY 266 (24 SEPT 2023) – In the morning, Ben, his mother and I headed to a private land in the forest about 7 miles (11 km) away from Ben’s house. Ben owns the piece of private land, that was situated right beside a busy road. Together, the three of us planted a “Scarlet Oak” plant that we had purchased yesterday.

We held our respective flags in solidarity. I am happy to be a part of this initiative taken by Ben and his mother and I am thankful for his support.

Ben has been a huge help to me these last few days in Seattle. We met as strangers in Amsterdam and here we are planting a tree together in his country.

The "Scarlet Oak" is a member of the red oak group with lobed leaves and is valued for its ornamental attributes as well as its fine wood. It is considered as one of the prettiest oak trees due to its vibrant red foliage. It grows rapidly for the first 5 years and is native to the eastern and central US.

I was also very happy to receive a good news this morning from Japan. 4 months ago, I planted a Sakura tree at the home of Madam Kumiko Maeda in Omura, Japan.

Today, I received a message from Mr Vinaya that the tree is growing well. Mr Vinaya is a Nepalese who works at the hostel I stayed in and he helped organise and participated in this tree planting initiative together with his wife and son.




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