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Day 143 - An Interesting Experience at the Russian Immigration: I Was the Last Person To Leave

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Day 143 (24 May 2023) - Vladivostok, Russia. Russia is my 7th destination on this solo bike world tour 2023


DAY 143 (24 MAY 2023) – It was a smooth ferry ride considering it sailed safely over the Sea of Japan, passing the waters of North Korea! The ferry arrived at Vladivostok Port by 5 pm. It took close to 2 hours before I was done with immigration, which was quite an experience in itself!

They processed the entry of Russian nationals first, then the Koreans and finally other foreigners – so, I was one of the last few. When my turn came, I found it amusing that the officer at the counter was perusing through my visa documents using a magnifying glass! I was then directed to a different counter, and subsequently directed to a room. The officer took my passport and only returned after 35 minutes.

The officer asked me a few questions pertaining to my purpose of visit to Russia. I explained in detail about my bike tour and intentions and showed them my social media (as proof!). Finally, they were satisfied with my explanation. They even supported my tree planting initiatives and wished me well! I was the last person at the baggage checking counter and got through without a hassle.

Due to the current geopolitical situation, it was standard procedure for the immigration to inquire further. On top of that, I was travelling the world and carrying multiple visa documents with me, especially of US and Canada! It was quite an experience!



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